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Saturday, November 1, 2014
Hours: 9PM – 4AM


From the minute you drive into the parking lot, be prepared! “What’s that?! ” “Who’s there?! ” “Did you see that?! ” When and IF you get to the lobby safely, beware of what you might encounter throughout the entire club. Hauntingly decorated, this is a night at the club where strange things roam the darkness- so be prepared to scream! (With delight, we expect!) There will be plenty of prizes and surprises for you, with delicious Ghoulish Goodies to eat for both dinner and breakfast. And you know that we’ll be doing our very best to bring out that naughty little devil in everyone!

Prizes to be awarded for:
The Most Outrageous Costume!
The Sexiest Costume!
The Scariest Costume!
The Best Couples Costume!

Costumes are not required, but are strongly recommended.

Lots of Ghoulish Goodies for both dinner and breakfast!

Reservations are now Closed!
As of October 24, the Club is completely booked up for this night. You may still register for this party and be added to the Waiting List. IF we receive any cancellations by 12:00 noon on November 1st, we’ll contact those on the Waiting List right away. Only those with confirmed reservations will be allowed entry.

Exciting, Sensual and Erotic Atmosphere. Delicious Dinner and Breakfast Buffets. Great Music and Dancing. It's My Secret! Sensuous Boutique. All Mixers and Setups. Attentive Staff to Serve You.

ALL included in the party price!

Like NO other club! Like NO other experience!

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