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Saturday, May 30, 2015
Hours: 9PM – 4AM

We’re bending the dress code tonight, so YOU can
Lean like a Cholo!

Sometimes, it’s fun to dress up like someone we’re not, so…

All the homies, they know what I mean
Baby, let me show you how I lean
Lay back, bounce in the club,
When we do a dance, yeah, we do it like what

Side to side
Elbows up side to side
Elbows up side to side
Elbows up side to side
Like a cholo
All up in the club,
Ten deep, lookin' for some hynas, we on the pree
I need a bad one, a real freak
Find them at the dance floor, so don't sleep
Damn, I like you, I like you, but I really want her
She's that type , I can tell…

Dress up like a CHOLO or CHOLA tonight and have a blast leanin’ into each other…..
On the Dance Floor, in the Jungle Room, the Bondage Room, the Group Room, the Private Room…..Anywhere and Everywhere throughout the club-“lean into each other” for as long as it feels good!

Arrive tonight dressed for the party theme, tell the lobby staff who sang the song “Lean Like A Cholo”
and receive $10 off your party fee!

Caribbean Shrimp and Rice, Sweet and Spicy Sausage, Potato Salad, Cucumber Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette, Mixed Vegetables, Crudités and Homemade Dessert.
Breakfast: Cherry Danish, Cinnamon Rolls, Banana Nut Bread, Assorted Yogurt, Fresh Fruit and OJ.

Reservations Strongly Suggested.
Exciting, Sensual and Erotic Atmosphere. Delicious Dinner and Breakfast Buffets. Great Music and Dancing. It's My Secret! Sensuous Boutique. All Mixers and Setups. Attentive Staff to Serve You.

ALL included in the party price!

The Red Door. Like NO other club! Like NO other experience!

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