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Saturday, July 2, 2016
Hours: 9PM – 4AM

Declare YOUR Independence From Boring Nights Out…
A casual, come-as-you-are party to get wild & crazy!

America's colors are red, white and blue
And tonight we bring independence straight to you!
Join us to celebrate Uncle Sam's birthday this year
Enjoy erotic pleasures, let your inhibitions disappear!

Find a willing partner and show her YOUR skills
until she says

New friends. Exciting lovers. Sensual atmosphere. Great music and dancing. Delicious dinner and breakfast buffets. Wonderful service. Come early and stay late, because it's a time for all adults to declare their independence and come out to PLAY!

Carne Guisada, BBQ Pulled Pork, Beans & Rice, Mango Rice Salad, Crudites and Home Made Desserts.
Breakfast: Banana Nut Bread, Apple Danish, Cinnamon Sugar Donuts, Assorted Fruit and OJ.

Reservations Requested Please.

Exciting, Sensual and Erotic Atmosphere. Delicious Dinner and Breakfast Buffets. Great Music and Dancing. It's My Secret! Sensuous Boutique. All Mixers and Setups. Attentive Staff to Serve You.

ALL included in the party price!

The Red Door. Like NO other club! Like NO other experience!

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