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Saturday, January 20, 2018
Hours: 9PM – 4AM

Bi-Ladies Sheer Pleasure!

“Now I’m no longer curious.”

Tonight our ladies are dressed to impress,
Something sexy and sheer is their mode of dress.
Are these sensual women ready to play?
To enjoy a night of hot lovin in their own way?!
Tonight’s to experience your fantasies, girl,
Find someone hot and give her a whirl!

Ladies, wear something sheer and see-through tonight. Wear it transparent or as bare as you dare... so others around you can't help but stare! Make sure you pick up a special bracelet in the lobby when you arrive if bi, or another if a bi-Virgin but curious. This way, other ladies will know your interest!

Choose a GREEN bracelet that tells everyone you are interested and “it’s a go!”
Choose a YELLOW bracelet that tells everyone you may be interested, but with “caution!”
Choose a RED bracelet that tells everyone that you are not interested, so “it’s a don’t go!”

No matter what color bracelet you choose, make sure to enjoy some BI jello shots to get in the right frame of mind to enjoy this special night.

Special Pleasure Contests:
(1) First Woman To Use The Love Machine With Others Watching. (2) First TWO Nude Women To Use The Voyeur Room Together. (3) First Woman To Be Nude, Tied Up and Paddled on the Back Dance Pole. (4) First Woman to be nude, blindfolded, cuffed and pleasured with hands and mouths in the Suite. (5) Our famous Girl/Girl Kissing Contest.

The lady to be the first to do one of the above after 12 Midnight will receive either Free Entry or $20 Off her party fee at our reservations only Mardi Gras Party on February 10. And the lady to win the kissing contest wins either Free Entry or $20 Off that night too!

Prizes To Be Announced in Club Newsletter.

Glazed & Grilled Pork Loin, Chicken Parmesan, Cottage Fried Potatoes, Mixed Vegetables, Caesar Salad, Crudités and Home Made Dessert.
Breakfast: Banana Nut Bread, Cinnamon Rolls, Apple Danish, Fresh Fruit and OJ.

Reservations VERY Strongly Recommended.

Exciting, Sensual and Erotic Atmosphere. Delicious Dinner and Breakfast Buffets.
Great Music and Dancing. All Mixers and Setups. Attentive Staff to Serve You. And so much more!

ALL included in the party price!

The Red Door. Like NO other club! Like NO other experience!

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