The RD Club
Member Benefits!

If you are a Member of The Red Door Club, you're a Member of the first, one and only lifestyle club of its kind in the Valley and a Member of one of the top five rated lifestyle clubs in all of the U.S., Mexico and Canada! The Red Door Club is an exclusive and private upscale club, unlike so many others. Applications for Membership are scrutinized and processed strictly and while many are approved for Membership, others are not. Plus, you can’t just walk in off the street and become a Member- couples and single ladies must apply for and be approved for Membership. Besides being a Member of an exclusive club like The Red Door and enjoying everything the club has to offer for Members’ enjoyment and pleasure, we provide a number of benefits to enhance your Membership even more.


Every month, I send out a Birthday Gift Certificate to those with birthdays that month. This certificate entitles you to one night at 50% off the party fee that month so that you can come and enjoy your birthday with all of your sexy friends at the club.

Frequent Swinger Miles is a program where, once you have come to the club ten times at the regular party fee, you get a FREE NIGHT! Just ask the staff in the lobby for a Frequent Swinger Miles card. Each time you come to the club and pay the full party fee, she will stamp it for you. When it is full, bring it with you and give it to the lobby staff and that night is FREE!

FREE NIGHTS when you sponsor a new Member to the club. Just spread the word about The Red Door and the wonderful times you have at the club and if a couple applies for Membership and is approved, you get a Free Night as our way of thanking you. Just make sure they put your Membership Number on the application where it asks where they heard about the club. Otherwise, I can't give you credit. And if you bring a new couple to the club, they can join right then! BUT, they have to arrive with you, since you know you can't give the location to the club to non-Members.

Party Fee Discounts are something we offer as often as we can. Sometimes you have to do a little something to earn these- like dress for the theme, tell the lobby staff something special, or hell- just because! lol

Prizes throughout the year. We have lots and lots of games, contests and drawings for all kinds of fun, arousing and satisfying toys, for Free Nights, Free Membership Renewals, etc etc. We've even given away trips to Club Desire in Cancun, the Temptation Resorts in Cancun and Los Cabos and trips for two to Las Vegas! And if you notice, we always include batteries just in case you want to try out your toy winnings at the club. Bob says it always upset him when he was a little boy at Christmas and received a toy that required batteries, but they weren't included, so he wants to make sure that there won't be any disappointed "little girls & boys" when they win a battery operated toy. LOL

We Listen! Perhaps one of the best benefits of being a Member of The Red Door is that we always listen to our Members. While we can't always do everything that Members suggest, we do try our best. Over the years, we have expanded the club twice. We added two Out Door Rooms. We updated the dance lights in the night club. We put in monitors for adult videos. We've installed four specialized air cleaners and have designated a separate VIP Smoking/Vaping Suite for those who choose to use it. We've changed the nightclub atmosphere a bit just recently and have even more changes planned throughout the entire club. Bottom line is, we always take your suggestions, comments and observations to heart. We discuss them, consider them and whenever possible for the good of everyone, we implement them. Since I know of no other club of any kind that pays as much attention to their patrons, why do we? It's really pretty simple- we value YOU as Members! We think of each of our Members as part of The Red Door family- and family matters. We want YOU to have a wonderful time at the club however often you come and we'll always do everything possible to ensure that happens. That's why we remain a private, very exclusive club..... to make sure we have such great people as YOU as Members. We don't accept everyone that applies for Membership and have even suspended and revoked Memberships when deemed necessary to always assure your good time. The Red Door is a special place.... because of our Members!

If you aren’t yet a Member of The Red Door, perhaps you should be. After all, there is a reason why everybody says “The Red Door. Like NO other club! Like NO other experience!

Exciting, Sensual and Erotic Atmosphere. Great Music and Dancing. All Mixers and Setups. Attentive Staff to Serve You. All this and more and it’s ALL included in the party price!

The Red Door. Like NO other club! Like NO other experience!