The RD Club
Club Information: FAQ's

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

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Is The RD an actual club or just a casual get-together of friends?
The RD is a private club requiring membership. We are a 5,000 square foot complete club with facilities to cater to a sensuous life-style. While our members are friendly and often become friends, each must apply for and become a member.

Is The RD Club legal?
Yes, The RD Club is fully licensed and legal.

What days and hours are you open?
The RD Club is open for members only, every Saturday night of the year. We open at 10:00 pm and close at 4:00 am.

Do you accept credit cards?
We accept Visa and Mastercard. Membership must be paid using a credit card on our secure web server when applying. Parties can be paid with credit card or cash when you attend.

Can I come to the club to see what it's about without first becoming a member?
No. As a private, exclusive club that ensures its members privacy, only members are given the address and can attend a party. For now, you can know that we are in the RGV in an easy to get to, central, safe and secure area.

As a member, can we bring a guest for a party?
Your guest would have to apply and be accepted as a member first. As a private, members only club, no one may attend unless they have been accepted as a member.

Is smoking permitted at The RD Club?
We do allow smoking and vaping in a specially designated, well ventilated area of the club. The outdoor patio can also be used.

To join as a couple, must we be married?
No. Our definition of a couple just means that there is a relationship between the two of you and that you have joined as a couple. We do not make judgments regarding peoples' personal lives. We believe in live and let live!

We are interested in attending Saturday night, but we still have concerns as far as other people respecting our privacy. If I recall right, you did assure us that you have security to make sure other people don't disrespect or impose on us. We have an idea what type of club The RD is, however, we just want to make sure that if we want to go and enjoy the music and atmosphere, that nobody will be bothering us if we don't want them to.
We appreciate your concerns about privacy, but can assure you that you will be treated with respect. Not only do we have staff throughout the club on duty, but management is also constantly throughout the club, not just to make sure everyone is having a good time, but to ensure that no one is having any difficulties with anyone else. When you are here, please do whatever suits your mood... whether it be dancing, watching others, just being with each other, or whatever. If another couple should approach you and you feel like socializing, please do so. If that couple should suggest anything more than that and you don't want to, just tell them "no, not right now, or no, not tonight, but thank you." I think you will find that being friendly and respectful goes both ways and that no one will be offended if they are nicely rejected. Please realize that a club like ours is not a free-for-all atmosphere... that people here will tend to be more respectful of others than you would find in a typical nightclub or bar. Finally, if you EVER feel uncomfortable with any situation, please tell a staff or management member (we are always around) and we will take care of the matter immediately. All in all, it is normal to be a little nervous when anyone comes to a club like ours for the first time. Hey, we were all new once and have all had the same concerns and nervous feelings. I think that after you have been here just a short time, you'll find that you end up laughing about how you were feeling before you arrived. We are looking forward to meeting you Saturday... and guarantee you will have a great time!

Your membership application requires information that I consider private, including my driver's license number. Why do you need this information?
First of all, please be assured that any information provided is safe and secure! We use a secure web-server to transmit all application information and guarantee that all membership and member information is totally secure. We will never share any membership/member information with anyone. Secondly, as a private and exclusive club, we are conscious of our members' privacy and security. We must be able to accurately identify just who is applying for membership so that we can ensure our members' privacy and security.

We are a couple in our 50s. We would like to know if there are any other couples in our age group that come to the club on a regular basis...are they accepted and desired by the younger members?
At The RD Club, everyone is truly ageless and that's what you are. The RD Club does not discriminate against age, race, or sexual interests and there are always couples of all ages on any given night. Whether or not you can strike up interest in other members is pretty much up to you. Our suggestion is look your best, be sociable and have a little of a thick skin. Remember, you don't want to be with everyone and they all don't want to be with you. People have many different turn-ons, but we think if you're game and polite, you will do well here. The BIG secret is to have a good time, an open mind, and things will fall into place!

We have been entertaining the idea of swinging, or at least joining an open-minded sensual club like The RD. I found your club on the internet and have a question for you: Are there many BBW (Big Beautiful Women) that come there? I am 30 years old and "pleasantly plump" as they say. I am a bit nervous to come to your club. My husband loves me for me and I enjoy sex very much, but just wasn't sure if there are many BBW that come.
One thing we never have enough of at The RD is beautiful women! We like them in all sizes, shapes and ages. The secret to success at The RD Club is truly, social skills. You should feel free to be yourself. If you are friendly and respectful of other's limits or idiosyncrasies, you will be successful at the club. We appreciate our sexy side and yours too!

Do you have toys, or should we bring our own? Are they allowed?
We have many fun things to play with, but you can certainly bring your own special toys.