The RD Club
First Time?

Here's what to expect.

The RD Club is a 5,000 square foot private club specifically designed for open minded couples and single ladies to express their sensuality in an exclusive, yet friendly atmosphere among like-minded people. The RD is not a swingers club, but a sensually erotic couples club where the individuals and couples maintain control of their activities.

Upon becoming a member of The RD Club and registering for your first party, you can arrive anytime after 10:00 pm and stay until closing — 4:00 am. You will check in at the reservations desk, sign your membership application and the club's rules and regulations form. Then, be prepared for the time of your life!

One of our hostesses will give you a tour of the entire club and answer any questions you may have. We have staff and management on duty the entire time to be of service to you and make your time at the club as pleasurable as possible.

You can then experience everything the club has to offer, or go right to the night club area and enjoy the music, dancing and mingling with other members with your same attitudes. You can enter any of the group and semi-private play rooms at any time. The entire club is there for your pleasure... whether you want to watch, be watched, flirt, join in with others, or just sit back and enjoy the entire atmosphere. There is no pressure or obligation to participate in any activities, EVER.

You are welcome to wander throughout the entire club at any time throughout your time there. Please just be courteous and respectful of other members. Once inside the club, the dress code is fairly relaxed and you may see partial and/or complete nudity. As with all facets of the club, feel free to join in or just sit back and let your senses be aroused.