The RD Club
Manager's Greeting

Hi, Welcome to The RD Club website and thank you for visiting! I hope you find it informative and if you have any questions at all, please just email me, or call (484)369-1097.
I can’t tell you how many people that I meet tell me that they are so tired and bored going to the same old bars or clubs, just having the same old nights out. And honestly, I can see their point- where is the excitement? Where are the new experiences? Where can you meet new, fun people every time you do go out? Apparently, lots of other people from all over Texas, Mexico and the entire US (and yes, from around the world) ask the same questions. Because on Saturday nights, not only do people come from all over to have a great night out at The Red Door, but over and over and over again, I hear- “We love The Red Door. It really is like NO other experience and certainly like NO other club!”

What do just a few RD Members have to say about the club?

I’m goin to the RD! I’m goin to the RD!

“My boyfriend and I agree that The Red Door Club is the best value for a night out- anywhere! Now every Saturday night, we know we don’t have to drive all over town to try to find a club to enjoy. We know at The RD, we can have drinks, listen to and dance to music that is played FOR the crowd and NOT AT the crowd, that we will have fantastic service, we’ll meet lots of new friends and if we choose to, do so many other things that we can’t do anywhere else! And it’s all at one very special place. THANK YOU RED DOOR!”

“As a single girl, I love the fact that I always know The Red Door Club is a safe and secure place for me to have a lot of fun! No single guys hitting on me. No drunks getting into fights. Lots of fun people to meet. And the music is always perfect for dancing and/or listening to. Plus, I can have the kind of fun I want to, without anyone judging me. Your club is the best!!”

“The club is so addictive! Even while we’re here tonight, we’re already making plans to come back next week and the week after and the week after and…..!”

“I just wanted to thank you for accepting my husband and I into your wonderful club a couple months ago. It has brought up my self-confidence so much. Now I wear outfits that you would never dare catch me wearing until now. Again thank you & I know my husband thanks y'all too, because he loves me wearing risqué outfits like that!”

“Ericka, you know we’ve been coming to the club almost every Saturday for quite some time now, but do you know why? It’s because every night we are there, it seems like the first time! Everything always seems so fresh, so exciting, so different and so lively. We have made so many new friends at The Door and always have such a fantastic time!”

“We were at the club for the first time for your Anniversary Party in September and had such a great time! We still can’t believe you gave away FOUR trips to the Desire Resorts in Cancun, along with all the other prizes. Who does things like that?! It’s pretty amazing that you value your members so much and treat them so well, especially in this day and age. We’ve decided that whenever we want a night out, The Red Door Club is where we’ll be.”

Ever since we opened in 2004 and with thousands of Members from around the world,, I often get asked about what makes The Red Door so special, so much fun. I think that the fact that we have such friendly, respectful and downright sexy Members is a large part of it. But really, the bottom line is that people need relief, refuge, a place where their fantasies, dreams and desires can be made a reality. A club like The Red Door releases people's pent-up inhibitions in a way that hurts no one and can satisfy everyone. And of course, The Red Door is unique among any and all other clubs of any kind, in that we do things differently than others. It's why everyone says it is “The Red Door. Like NO other club! Like NO other experience!”

Each and every Saturday has a different and exciting party theme and we have such a month of parties this month that it’s almost unbelievable! During the entire month, we are offering unique party themes, discounts, games, prizes, sexy competitions and so much more. Make sure you check the Events Page every week to find out what kind of sexy good fun we have planned for you. As some of these parties are reservations only, with limited attendance, make sure you check the EVENTS page every week for details of each party and make your reservations as early as possible.

To add the month all up- there are AWESOME PARTIES every weekend; the BEST LOOKING, MOST EXCITING and FUN MEMBERS from throughout the United States and Mexico; GREAT MUSIC to listen and dance to; the BEST SERVICE to be had anywhere and of course, a SENSUOUS ATMOSPHERE to have the time of your life! Shouldn’t YOU discover why we are one of the Top Five Rated Life-Style Clubs in all of the US and Mexico? Shouldn’t YOU find out why thousands of people have become Members of this exclusive club? Shouldn’t YOU have the time of your life every Saturday Night?

No wonder everyone says: “ The Red Door. Like NO other club! Like NO other experience!”

For our Friends and Amigos that would like convenient overnight accommodations, please see the list of hotels below. All are located at I-281 and Nolana and are within easy driving distance of the club.

La Quinta 956-787-2900
Country Inn & Suites 956-782-8832
Holiday Inn Express 956-259-7829
Motel 6 956-781-7202
Super 8 956-782-8880