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We glow with excitement every time we're at the club!

"WOW! What another fabulous night! We had a wonderful time — again! Met lots of new people and of course had a blast with our regular friends. Thanks so much for always making the nights a new and exciting experience. Everybody always has such a wonderful time."

"We LOVE all the new expansions and additions. They are fantastic!!""

"We always enjoy ourselves when we go to your club. That's why we go. Last Saturday was fun and the party themes are always brilliant and sexy!"

"Give your employees a pat on the back for always doing such a great job. Give yourself one too while you're at it. It's always an awesome party at The RD! Thanks for showing us such a good time. We just can't stop talking about it."

"We had such a great time!! We were so pleased to meet so many wonderful people. We had some great conversations and laughs! The club is awesome. So comfortable and well organized. The food was fantastic. We'll definitely be returning for more! Thanks to all those involved in making it such a wonderful experience."

"The club is super! Food is excellent and the service unbelievable...the staff is the best around. We can see how much fun we'll have each time we return — which will be often! Thanks for being such excellent hosts, we had a ball!"

"The RD is an amazing club! I know we had a great time and plan to be back again very soon — and often! We heard lots of great things from all the folks we met there and they all plan on going back again too. The music, the dancing, the food, the staff, the fun, the sensuality — everything far exceeded our expectations...the best night out we've had in ages."

"It was a wonderful evening. Can't wait to go again!!! We met some really great people and had a blast."

"We had a great time and thanks so much to everyone for the hospitality. We really enjoyed the entire club. We look forward to the next time we go."

"Thank you all for making us feel so welcomed at your club. We look forward to seeing you all often. Your staff is wonderful and treated us like friends. My wife is normally shy, but because of the atmosphere of the club, and the staff, she felt immediately comfortable in the club. We plan on returning often for even more fun and pleasure. Thank you for bringing such a club to the area — it was way overdue."

"I'd like to thank all those involved in the opening of The RD Club. We were there both nights of your grand opening (September, 2004) and had a great time. I was initially a little skeptical about the club (the website description occasionally set off my "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" warning lights), but after being there I can truly say — you got it right! We like that the club is very large, with a dance floor, plenty of places to converse, great staff and delicious food. We love all of your sizable play rooms and plan on coming back often to make use of them all." (Follow-up by same members this year: "We never thought the club could get any better, but with all of the remodeling, the expansions, the Outdoor Room and the New Outdoor Play area, I can honestly ask — what more can you do? We've been to lifestyle clubs all over the U.S. and Mexico and even a couple in Europe and none, absolutely none, come close to The Red Door! Thank You!")